Understand your customers through Artificial Intelligence Store Analytics.

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Store analytics

It's time for brick and mortar retailers to take a step further in widening their horizons and maximizing the scope of their business, understand, strategize and respond effectively to the environment.

No more hardware, no more extra assistance costs and technical difficulties. AiSA uses proprietary AI to turn your existing CCTVs into smart ones, that collect and display valuable data about traffic.

Store analytics

Here's how AiSA works

Secure. Fast. Anonymous.



AiSA collects anonymous raw-data through the CCTVs in the store.



Proprietary algorithms turn data into meaningful insight and statistics.



The personal dashboard is used to view the processed data effectively



AiSA enables data-driven store and merchandise decisions.


Display density patterns in the space based on shopper traffic.

Store analytics

The heat map provides a holistic view of the customer density and flow in the store, offering an on camera view of where customers circulate most often. For an accurate understanding of what products are attractive and where missed conversions take place, Points of Interest are generated where customers stopped most in your store.

HeatMap Benefits


Staff Placement

Find what areas are most crowded and need assistance


Hot Spots

See what products lack visibility and what stands out


Points of interest

Understand where shoppers stop and spend most time


Shopper Path

See circulation patterns and control space-flow

Shopper Rush-Hours

Display patterns on what hours and days generate most traffic and sales.

When do shoppers come to your business? This module answers the question very accurately: Rush-Hour collects patterns and timestamps of shopper traffic and gives you valuable insight on what days and time intervals your business is most crowded.

Store analytics

Rush-Hour Benefits


Time Management

Adjust working hours, staff presence to traffic


Happy Hours

Discover what times are most crowded and match promotions


Density Integrity

Check if shopper traffic matches sales


A/B Testing

Test campaign days and scope in with HeatMap

Here at the touch of a button

Discover our unique interactive dashboard! Setup your profile and navigate through our solutions with ease.

Store analytics
  • Desktop and mobile access
  • Data is secure and processed on AiSA Cloud
  • Connects to most CCTV protocols
  • Zero hardware installations, effective cost
  • Automatic, no human effort or asssistance
  • Documentation

Are you ready? We are!

All you need are the CCTVs in your store. No other requirements, we will take it from there.

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