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Store analytics

It's time for brick and mortar retailers to take a step further in widening their horizons and maximizing the scope of their business, understand, strategize and respond effectively to the environment. AISA is powered by artificial intelligence and provides CCTV sourced data about in-store activities to help retailers make informed business decisions.

Here's how AiSA works

Secure. Fast. Anonymous.



AiSA collects anonymous raw-data through the CCTVs in the store.



Proprietary algorithms turn data into meaningful insight and statistics.



The personal dashboard is used to view the processed data effectively



AiSA recommends and enables data-driven store and merchandise decisions.

Store analytics

Customer Heatmap

The heat map provides a holistic view of the customer density and flow in the store, offering an on camera view of where customers circulate most often. For an accurate understanding of what products are attractive and where missed conversions take place, Points of Interest are generated where customers stopped most in your store.

Customer Count

Its crucial for businesses to understand what quantity of customers they are addressing; this module records the rate of leaving/entering customers over the day, as well as giving an average of total shoppers over a selected period of time (daily, weekly, monthly). This tool highlights any decline or rise of traffic in your store.

Store analytics
Store analytics

Customer Profiling

How well do you know your customers? This tool is designed to help answer this question; it outputs variables such as age, gender and facial expression of your customers when interacting with product/aisle or area of the store. Get valuable insight that projects a detailed profile of your average shopper, and where each customer type can be found in your store.

Your AiSA

AiSA's software runs on Nvidia Jetson Nano, the smallest and latest leading technology in AI proccessing - a unit is delivered to each store with the embedded software. In this way, we make sure that all of the data is processed locally, eliminating the risk of security breaches and data leakages, while being a cost effective solution. Don't worry about the install; its two simple steps that we'll walk you through.

Store analytics

"In-store analytics added a staggering $61 billion (£45 billion) of value to retailers worldwide throughout 2018."

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