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Store analytics

Customer Heatmap

The heat map provides a holistic view of the customer density and flow in the store, offering an on camera view of where customers circulate most often. You can view:

1. Shopper Density - Red Areas appear on a heatmap where shoppers circulate, where density is reflected on a red-scale.

2. Points of Interest - "X" is generated on map where shoppers usually stop, projecting the most attractive areas.

3. Shopper Demographics - Gender & Age Data generated in clicked area on map.

The Store Density Chart (on the right-hand) lets you understand which area in the location is most dense in shoppers.

Density & Stops

This module provides a progressive view of the Customer Density through the graph (on the left side), with the current shopper density score of the location. Customer Stops indicates the amount of stops customers make, Points of Interest amount the stops by location; the more customers stop in a particular place, the higher the intensity of the Point of Interest (on the right-side).

Store analytics

Store analytics

Customer Demographics

This module outputs variables such as age, gender and sentiment analysis of your customers when interacting with product/aisle or area of the store. You can view:

1. The shopper gender split in each day - Bar Chart (left-side)

2. Shopper age segments; clicking on any gender in the Bar Chart changes the age view to that particular instance - Pie Chart (right-side)

3. Sentiment Feedback; View general shopper reactions - Doughnut Chart.

Rush-Hours & Off-Peaks

Its crucial to understand what time of the day customers show up most: This module shows the hourly traffic in the location (on 4 intensity levels - from blank to bright red) in order to accurately depict the rush-hours and off-peak times in the location. Clicking on a cell reveals Density, Gender & Age Data.

Store analytics

Your AiSA

AiSA's software runs on Nvidia Jetson Nano, the smallest and latest leading technology in AI proccessing - a unit is delivered to each store with the embedded software. In this way, we make sure that all of the data is processed locally, eliminating the risk of security breaches and data leakages, while being a cost effective solution. Don't worry about the install; its two simple steps that we'll walk you through.

Store analytics

"In-store analytics added a staggering $61 billion (£45 billion) of value to retailers worldwide throughout 2018."

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